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Flirting with women, is probably one of the most favorite and loved topic for men. It is not uncommon for you, when a friend asks for your advice on how to flirt with a woman. Flirting is one aspect of life from which both free sex dating sites men and women cannot escape. However the appetite and hunger for flirting is more in men than women.

A man can have several girlfriends but would still feel the need of flirting. This is not bad, indeed it is completely natural. As a man you can flirt with any number of women provided you don?t hurt them or betray your existing partner. Though there are not any hard and fast rules for the flirting game. The specialists in human behavior have certainly laid down some adult sex chat points. Flirting with women is not at all that tall order. Infact it is simple. All it requires is a certain attitude and communication skills from your side and the woman is yours.

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The first basic of flirting with women is having self confidence. You should be confident and assertive women looking for sex for yourself, no matter what you do, no matter what you wear and no matter what you say. You should have that attitude which should be manly, but not boasting.

Having that confidence in you increases positive energy in you. Girls get attracted to this positive vibes coming out of you. Always remain confident and optimistic while talking to a girl. Never disclose your weak points rather disclose free online sex your strengths. Your confidence would create an illusion in the mind of the woman– that this guy is great. He knows everything and does everything right. Make them feel that you are the best person on this world.

Now this is the most effective flirting tool. While you are making an eye contact with a woman, remember to smile. Smiling does not mean showing your whole bunch of teeth, instead a bit of smirk. Your smile shows that you are interested in the woman and compliment her reciprocation of eye contact. Don?t keep staring at her, look away from her and then again let her make an eye contact with you. If she does, then it?s an invitation from her side. If she smiles back, it is time you start a conversation with her.

This is very effective way of grabbing the attention of your woman. Try and tease her with your attention. After you have maintained an eye contact with a girl, stop looking at her, instead walk away and start looking else where, probably towards other people. When you won?t look at her for long, she will get crazy. She would do things to grab your attention if you have made a decent impression on her. She would keep thinking when you would come back. After a while go back and give her a smile, it would make her the happiest woman on the earth.